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Providing the most comfortable and concealable armor on the market since 2013. 
FROM CUT TO FINISH...In House!  We do it all and we do it right! 


The CATI Armor® name originates from two distinct points in history. The first is the battle of Thermopylae in 480BC which is the famous battle of 300 Spartans against the Persian Empire, and the 2nd is the Battle of Gonzales Texas, in 1835. Both represent the spirit of protecting one's life, liberty and property, embodied with the slogan "Come and Take it!"

Our signature product is our CQB™ multi-curve steel core armor plate line. A patent pending forming process for forming multiple radius curves to steel core ballistic plates. This multi-curve plate conforms perfectly to the body which allows the plate to wear lighter and more secure and creating a low profile. This has allowed us to create a concealable rifle threat armor plate system.

We are confident that if you are looking for a steel core armor solution, our plates will sell themselves. Try some on!