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CATI Armor® Do you offer discounts to Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders?

Sure do! A large portion of our sales comes from those who chose to serve, so we do our part by giving back. Your discount is 10% off our product offerings site wide. All we ask is that you submit a copy of your credentials or submit a department request on official letterhead with contact information to support@catiarmor.com. On orders for 10 individuals or more, please submit a request for a quote at support@catiarmor.com.


CATI® What are your lead times?

CURRENT Production LEAD TIME 2-3 weeks.

We strive to keep our lead times under a week. However, during peak times and large influxes of orders lead time can vary. We typically have a 1 to 3-day lead time on armor plates and most plate carriers and accessories. We do our best to “zero-out” our orders every week.


CATI Armor® Your armor plates are formed much different than your competitors'. Why?

If there was one problem with steel core armor it would be that until recently all that was available were flat plates or single curve plates — neither of those options reflects the shape of the human torso. We’ve created a *patent pending* process in which we form our plates to the shape of the human torso. Many of your high-end composite armors have had this shape for many years, and we’ve accomplished this forming in ballistic steel for an unmatched fit for comfort and function.


CATI Armor® You offer a “Swimmer” cut plate and a “SAPI” cut plate. What’s the difference?

The SAPI cut plate shape is based off of the military design of their SAPI plate. This plate is best utilized as a rear position plate. In contrast, the Swimmer cut plate has steeper cuts on the sides which allows for greater mobility up front where you need it.


CATI Armor® You have the CQB multi-curve plate and the EVO plate — is that like a single curve plate?

In the CQB forming process you create a top bend in the plate and two wither bends that run from the bottom center of the plate outward to the upper mid-portion of the trauma plate. This forms and upside-down isosceles triangle, which is the perfect shape for forming to the human torso. The EVO plate is our answer to a single curve. With this plate you get to keep the wither bends, which allows the plate to fit closer to your body, making it more secure. But, the plate does not include the upper form fitting bend. This plate is ideal for people that want a better fit than single curves, but don’t really see themselves “running and gunning” in full gear. You can save a little bit of money going this route. But for the perfect fit, the CQB is the one you need.


CATI® Do you use Rhino Linings or Line-X Paxcon?

We utilize a product from Rhino Linings Extreme line of coatings. This coating was the specific recommendation from Rhino Military’s R&D department for spall/splatter mitigation. When compared to Line-X Paxcon PX-2100, our coating is statistically identical in measurable properties, but Rhino data sheet claims 25% stronger in Tensile Strength over Paxcon PX-2100. But, in order to be able to effectively utilize the properties of the coating you need excellent adhesion. Our plates undergo a 4-part preparation prior to coating. Our spall “build-up” layer is nothing short of top-notch.