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Lead Time as of May 29th: 7-14 Days



Orders Place before May 29th are under a week, orders placed after May 29th are 7-14 day lead time.


CYCLONE Black Multicam ETA:  JUNE



All Sentry Carriers in-stock.

All MOPC Carriers in-stock.








 After the major influx of orders we had to adjust lead times to see where we were at.  It's safe to say we are in the 2-3 week lead time bracket of new orders.  We shut down one of our other selling channels (separate in house business) as it did not pertain to what our governor deemed to be part of critical infrastructure.  This is removing parasitic drag on our armor production and shortening lead times.

We are only taking orders currently through the website.  We had to staff down to the nuts and bolts so we can maintain plenty of space between all of us during the COVID crisis while implementing CDC protocols.  With all of that in mind our oldest order as of writing this is less than 14 days, and that is primarily waiting for another shipment of the Phalanx plate carriers.

Please bear with us as we hustle to fulfill your orders.